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All of our potable water tanks are made with wras approved polymers which means that they are safe for drinking water storage. See a wide range of sizes, varients and shaped potable water tanks.


Water Butts
Water Butts - A fantastic range of many colours and sizes so why not take a look at our tall water butts and our slimline water butts. All water butts are made here in the UK on site which allows us to offer our customers a much faster delivery service.

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Rainwater Tanks Welcomes Everyone!

If you want to save yourself some money, why not start with your monthly water bills. We get enough rainfall here in the Uk to store our own rainwater and water bills are by far very expensive and especially if you are on a water metre they can really add up and cost you money that can be put back into your pocket. This is where we can help you! We supply and manufacturer rainwater tanks from small to large and in many shapes and colours.

All of our rainwater tanks are made here on site in the UK which allows us to offer you a fast delivery service and a quality rainwater tank. Your rainwater tank can be stored in your garden and will collect rainwater which you can use to however you want. It's important that you store your water in a safe and secure plastic water tank that you can draw the water when and how you want. Many people attach a tap to the bottom outlet which allows them to draw the water when they need. We also manufacture rainwater harvesting systems for the home and garden and for commercial and industrial purposes.

View our new Water Butt Planters
View our new Water Butt Planters

Water Butt 525 Litres
Ecosure Water Butt 525 Litres
Water Butt 525 Litres Special Offer
Water Butt 525 Litres
Green Marble
Water Butt Millstone Grit
Water Butt Antique Stone#
Ecosure 800 Litre Water Butt Green Marble
Water Butt 525 Litres
Antique Stone
Water Butt 525 Litres
Green Marble
Water Butt 800 Litres
Water Butt Millstone
Black Water Butt
Water Butt 800 Litres
Water Butt 800 Litres
Millstone Grit

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting Systems which range in tank size to how much water you want to save. So check out our Easy Hydro Systems and Super Complete Systems that are all designed to be easy to install and use.


Cambridge Planter
Ashwell Garden Planter
Barrington Planter
The Cambridge Planter In Black - Perfect for garden lovers
The Ashwell Planter In Black - Perfect for garden lovers
Classic Planter
Column Planters
Orwell Planter
Classic Planter In Millstone Grit
Column Planter In Millstone Grit
Orwell Planter In Black

Water Butts


Water Butt 280 Litres
525 Litre Water Butt
1275 Litre Water Butts


Water Tanks

Rainwater Harvesting

Garden Planters

Border Edging
Garden Edging - See our many different colours and styles

Insulated Water Tanks - See our range

Insulated Water Tanks

Insulated Water Tanks

Insulated water tanks have insulation to protect the water in the cold winter months from freezing up. Ideal for rainwater harvesting and water storage.


Rain Water Butts

Water Butt 650 Litres
Water Butt 525 Litres
700 Litre Water Butt
710 Litre Water Butt
800 Litre Water Butt Water Butt 1050 Litres Water Butt 1900 Litre Water Butt

Ecosure new 350 litre water butts are quality made slimline water butts that are designed to slide in those tight and awkward spaces. They come with a screw down lid and bottom outlet which is easy for the user to attach a garden hose or tap kit. They come in a fantastic selection of colours so why not take a look!

Popular Rain Water Tanks

280 Litre Water Tank 500 Litre Rainwater Tank 710 Litre Rainwater Tank 800 Litre Rainwater Tank

Rain water tanks come in many sizes and styles however its all about getting the rain water tank that suits your needs and requirments. Water storage is another way of becoming more self sufficient and storing your own rain water will save you money. Obviously the more rain water that you save the more you will benefit and can use for bigger jobs.


Rainwater Harvesting Systems

2800 Litre Ecosure Easy Hydro Rain System 3500 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System 1950 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System
7000 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System

Easy Hydro 3500 Litre Rainwater Harvesting System

Ecosure SUPER COMPLETE Rainwater Harvesting System 1950 Litres

Ecosure SUPER COMPLETE - Rainwater Harvesting System 7000 Litres

Rain water harvesting is something that we all can do and you can save water and use it to how you want and when you want. Collecting and saving your rain water is the first step to being self sufficient and saving yourself money. When looking at getting a harvesting system the first thing that you need to consider is how much water are you looking at saving and what you want to use it for. This will then give you an idea on what size water tank you will need and how to install the rainwater harvesting system so it works for you. Some people want to use their rain water to just feed their garden in the hot summer months and other people want to have a rain water harvesting system that they can use for household appliances such as flushing the toilet and washing machine. See our different rain water harvesting systems which will give you an idea of the setups that are available.

Car Valeting Tanks

Car Valeting Tank 280 Litre Layflat
Car Valeting Tank 400 Litres
Car Valeting Tank 500 Ltr Car Valeting Tank 500 Ltrs

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting has become increasingly popular over the past few years, both in the domestic and commercial sectors. With rising water charges and a suffering economy, rain water harvesting can be seen as a cost saving investment for all, not to mention the environmental issues we can help to prevent. With rain water falling freely to all (especially in English Summers as of late), we are simply pouring money down the drain when we refuse to use this natural resource. Before treatment, the rain water we gather freely can be used to water the garden, wash down cars, flush toilets and even wash our clothes in a washing machine.

Ecosure rainwater harvesting systems are among the best value systems currently available in this growing market. Ecosure underground water tanks are manufactured from high grade mdpe (medium density polyethylene) plastic in the UK. After production, the tanks go through a thorough pressure testing procedure to check that the finished product is of the highest standard. This allows us to offer a generous 10 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects to both the above and underground water tanks that are supplied with our systems. The water tanks themselves are highly resilient and made from the latest UV stabilized polymers, meaning that above ground tanks will happily last for 15 years+ and underground tanks are expected to last double that provided they are installed according to our underground water tank install guide provided online.

The Ecosure rainwater systems are available with underground water tanks or above ground water tanks. Our standard underground water tanks range from 280 litres up to 7000 litres, however multiple underground water tanks can be linked together to provide higher quantities of water storage up to whatever capacity you require. Our above ground

water tanks start at 280 litres and range up to 20000 litres as single water storage tanks but again can be interlinked to provide increased capacities.

We offer a wide range of filtration options for your rainwater systems, depending on many factors including whether you are using above ground water tanks or underground water tanks, the volume of water storage required, and the degree of filtration required in your rain water harvesting system. Our filters can be connected to various sized down pipes and drainage systems and there will always be at least one filter between your premises (whether commercial or domestic) and your water tanks.

Once you have the pre-filtered rain water in your water storage tank, the water can then be pumped to the required facilities. As mentioned above, before treatment the rainwater can be used for water in the garden, washing vehicles, flushing toilets and running a washing machine. If you wish to use the rain water for any other purposes, you must run the rain water from the water tanks into a UV sterilization system. This will destroy any bacteria or plant life in the rain water and leaves the water safe enough for bathing and both animal and human consumption, along with any other purpose you wish to use it for.

Ecosure rainwater harvesting systems can also be useful to provide a back up water supply to those who rely on non-standard water supplies (i.e. boreholes, wells or underground springs). In peak conditions, there is a danger that these water sources can dry up and as such, Ecosure underground water tanks and aboveground water tanks are an ideal solution to your water supply problems. If taking over a potable (drinking) water supply, we will always recommend that all water from our water tanks is run through a UV sterilization to provide extra security from bacteria build up.

If you do decide to go for an Ecosure rain water harvesting system to store potable (drinking) water, please make sure to mention this to one of our helpful sales team upon placement of your order and we can make sure that the tank is manufactured from a WRAS approved polymer. This will prevent any possible contamination from the plastic water tanks into your water supply.

The pumps provided with our systems are supplied by a reputable UK based company and all carry a 1 year return to base warrantee. They also have a skilled and helpful technical team to aid you with any problems regarding the pump and are able to offer repairs and serving to your pumps after the guarantee period has expired for a reasonable price.

Our rainwater systems are highly customizable and can cater for everything from a small rain harvesting system to keep your garden well watered, a larger system to completely replace all water consumed in a household, all the way up to our commercial rain harvesting systems that can water a football field or provide large quantities of water for production purposes.

Once installed, our rain harvesting systems require very little maintenance. As long as the rain water filters are cleaned at regular intervals, the water storage tanks will stay fresh

and clean. If the rain water is not used for a long period of time, the water can eventually stagnate. If this does happen then one must drain down the water storage tank completely and clean out the inside. Once you have done this, your rain water harvesting system will be ready to go again. If you are using a UV sterilization system, then the filter cartridge and UV bulb will need replacing over time; however this is made easy with a notification on the system when these consumables are coming to the end of their lifespan.

If you are unsure as to how much rainwater you can harvest and use, contact our technical team on 08712002082 and we will be able to help you decide which rain harvesting system and size of water storage tank is required for your needs. Before you call, please ensure you have the approximate size of your roof area, approximate size of your garden (if you plan to use the water in the garden) and a list of other facilities you require the water for and we will be happy to price you on one of our rainwater harvesting systems as required.

The Ecosure rain water tank range has proven so popular over the recent years that we have recently moved to a much larger site in Cambridgeshire, England so that we are able to supply our water tanks to all customers as efficiently as possible.



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Water tank shop includes a wide range of water tanks, potable water tanks, water butts, rainwater harvesting tanks and more...


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See a fantastic new range of garden planters, garden water features, underground water tank,
rainwater harvesting systems and more.. Also check out our garden information on plants and wildlife.


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The largest online shop for all types of storage tanks; from water tanks for your garden to large underground water tanks. We have large range of oil tanks, both domestic and waste oil, from 500 litres up to 15,000 litres. We also have a selection of Adblue tanks.

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We manufacture our own water storage tanks here onsite in the Uk from Wras approved polymers which are used for drinking water. Our potable water tank selection includes a range of different sizes and shaped water tanks.

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Looking for a Garden Water Butt? Water Tank? Or just a Plastic Tank? Well you stopped at the right website! Here we stock and supply a fantastic range Water
and Water Storage Tanks from many different shapes and sizes. We manufacturer Water Butts range from 85 Litres to 2000 Litres.

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We have a wide range of water tanks in stock from 5 litre up to 75,000 litre. We can also make bespoke tanks from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), this means we can manufacture a water tank specific to your needs.

Rainwater Harvesting
See our rainwater harvesting, which includes an informative guide about rainwater harvesting, the benefits, different rainwater harvesting systems set ups and how rainwater harvesting is used and how it can save you money. See our water tanks and water butts, which are made for above ground and below ground

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A range of Ecosure water butts direct to your door! Slimline Water Butts, D shape water butts, round water butts and more...


We have many different styles and colours for you to choose from, from tall and slim rainwater tanks to long a narrow tanks. We have a tank for everyone, if you looking for an extra big rainwater tank then we even stock extra large tanks which reach 19,000 litres


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