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Rainwater Tanks
Rainwater Tanks - See a fantastic collection of rain water tanks. Includes round tanks, slimline tanks and d shape rain water tanks.
Water Butts
Water Butts - A variety of water butts include slimline water butts, tall water butts, large water butts, coloured water butts, small water butts and water butts to suit everyones needs.
Water Butt Planters
See our fantastic range of water butt planters. Available in many colours.
Border Edging
Border Edging - With our New Garden Edging you can landscape and create a clean finish in your garden. Highlight certain features and areas in your garden with our new steel garden edging.
Garden Planters
Garden Planters - A variety of garden planters. Excellent range of colours and styles.
Illuminated Planters
Illuminated Planters - See our range of different planters that all come with a rainbow colour changing effect.
Water Tanks
Water Tanks that range from Large Water Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Rainwater Harvesting Tanks and Baffled Water Tanks.
Insulated Water Tanks
Insulated Water Tanks of bunded construction, the inner tank is insulated with high grade polyurethane foam with a standard thickness of 25-30mm.
Potable Water Tanks


Potable Water Tanks - See a fantastic collection of potable water tanks, many styles and sizes.
Potable Below Ground Tanks
Underground Potable Water Storage Tanks - Designed to store drinking water underground ideal for commercial and domestic applications.
Potable Insulated Tanks
Potable Water Tanks - See our range!
Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Rainwater harvesting systems which include domestic rainwater harvesting systems, commercial rainwater harvesting and rainwater harvesting systems for the garden.